School History

What makes Odyssey unique?

 Our Mission

At Odyssey, we strive to support the development of our students into successful, well-respected members of their community by promoting academic excellence, self-confidence, and the internalization of our core values: Courage, Integrity, Respect, Curiosity, Leadership, and Excellence. 

Our Size

We currently have 373 students who attend our PreK-8 school.  Class sizes will remain small, ensuring that teachers give individual attention to every student.


Our focus on media and technology

We believe that students need to be intelligent consumers of information in this ever-changing information age.  We provide a variety of technology tools to help students learn, and we teach students to use these tools to enhance their education.



What is a charter school?


Charter schools are nonsectarian (not religious) public schools of choice.  These schools are granted a high degree of autonomy to operate as they want, but in return, they are highly accountable to show improved student achievement and to remain financially responsible.


School “charters” are given by the state.  This is like a contract between the State Department of Education and the school.  The charter spells out things like the school’s mission, program, goals, types of students it will serve, methods of assessment, and way in which the school will measure success.


The charter is typically granted for 5 years.  At the end of that time, the State may choose to renew the contract or to end the contract.


10 things to know about charter schools:


*They are publicly funded

*They are open to all students

*They are innovative and creative

*They are great places for parents to become involved

*They allow teachers to be more creative and flexible in how they present the curriculum

*They were created to improve public education

*They are often run by non-profit groups

*They are playing an important part in school reform in the USA

*Charter schools are demonstrating a record of improving student achievement

*Over 6,000 students are enrolled in Connecticut’s public charter schools


Since OCS is a state charter school, we can admit students from anywhere in the area, provided he or she can find transportation.  Students from Manchester are allowed to use the Manchester school busses for transportation.  Many students from neighboring towns car-pool to and from school.  We have a very diverse student body from as many as 15 nearby towns. 

Equal opportunity education

 OCS is committed to a policy of diversity and does not discriminate in membership, admissions, employment and administration of school policies on the basis of race, disability, sex, color, ethnic or national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identification or age.

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