Eureka Math Support Links

If your child missed a lesson or wants a lesson re-explained, the following link has K-5 video lessons available to watch at home.
Click on your grade, then click on the module. Then, click on "videos" and a list of videos come up that are either "educreations" or "youtube" videos. Both videos are the same, they are just different formats.

This site has links for parents that include a printable "road map" for each grade, explaining what your child will be learning in their grade. There are also module "tip sheets" with hints to help you and your child understand the new information in each module. There are FAQs and additional links to help you and your child.

This site has links to "tip sheets" arranged by grade and module. There are also video links that provide useful information to help you to help your child in math.

This link provides parents resources for grades K-6. It includes homework help, resource links, and videos that explain the lessons that are taught in class.

This link provides help and videos for each lesson and homework assignment. Click on the grade, then the module, then the lesson number.