A Letter From Mr. Bugbee

Welcome – or welcome back – to Odyssey Community School. This is a year of change for our school, evidenced most obviously when you walk in the front door. Over the summer we have completed our third phase of construction which includes a new lobby, front office, nurse’s office and administrative offices. It also includes construction to the outside of the building to enhance our appearance in the community.

    There will also be changes in some of the instruction in Odyssey as we have aligned all of our curricula with Common Core Standards. It will also mean changes in standardized testing as students in grades 3-8 will now take the Smarter Balanced Test instead of the Connecticut Mastery Test. These changes will be the topic of a Circle of Odyssey Parents (COOP) meeting early in the school year.

    There are a couple policy changes that we ask you to pay special attention to. First, we want to develop a wellness plan for the school which includes nutrition. As part of this plan we are no longer able to accommodate cupcakes or other sweet items for students’ birthdays. We need to insist that if parents wish to bring in treats for the class on birthdays that the treats include fruit or other healthy snacks.

    The other new policy we ask you pay close attention to is the new state regulation involving absenteeism. Like most schools, excessive absenteeism is a growing concern at Odyssey. The new regulation is included in our Student Handbook. It essentially states that students are able to be absent nine times for any reason. After those nine times, student absences are considered unexcused without medical documentation. Excessive absenteeism must be reported to the Department of Children and Families (DCF).

    Though this is going to be a year of change, there are many constants still in place at Odyssey. The warm and nurturing environment, the dedicated and passionate staff, parents who play an essential role not only in their children’s success but in the success of the school as a whole, and of course the students who are encouraged to take chances and taught to never fear failure as long as they learn from it.

    It’s going to be an amazing year, and we’re proud to have you a part of our Odyssey family.


Chris Bugbee